Patricia 2Transformation Patricia Here we have a “makeunder” — not all transformations occur on the outside.  Cheers for loving your long hair, naturally!

Patricia came to us feeling blah about her hair, but not really up for a change.

Both she & Daniel agreed her natural honey blonde shade was a winner —  quite lovely and flattering for her complexion. But it could use a bit more… life.

Daniel used a clear overlay to coat each strand (and seal the ends) for ultimate condition & shine. Hair’s natural character remains, but with renewed gloss, strength & manageability.

Daniel’s trim didn’t remove much length but added the softest, slightest angled layers. This subtle technique highlights Patricia’s delicate features so she’s not lost in sea of luminous locks.

So this was more of an “inner” transformation:  from feeling “meh” about a current look to loving it. All it takes is a trained eye like Daniel’s to see where just a smidge of improvement can make all the difference.

Recommended products: Rene Furterer’s LISSEA line of smoothing products controls frizz & static while protecting from heat & humidity. Nourishes, moisturizes, volumizes, too — a real godsend for full heads of hair like Patricia’s.

(check out our recent blog post “Review Round-Up: Rene Furterer LISSEA” for a summary of independent reviews on these products by popular beauty bloggers and experts)

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