Along with conventional color & highlights, Daniel uses overlay and Natural Glisten to shade & lighten, adding interest and personal style.

These gentle, subtle treatments create a multi-faceted radiance for natural tones, as well.


What is…

                                Sealant      Gloss     Overlay ?


For the most vibrant hair color & shine imaginable, this gentle 20-minute treatment is like magic.

Think of “overlay” as a stained glass window effect, adding a sheer layer of pigment and reflection to your hair. Enhances natural shades, softens highlights. Creates depth & dimension.

Great for sun, wind & product burn, too. Temporarily repairs damage by sealing every strand in a natural, protective coating that gradually lifts off over weeks.

No roots

No build-up

No commitment

A clear gloss can even be applied to improve hair’s look and feel without affecting natural hair color.

Gray hair? Color-wise, an overlay will have a tonal effect rather than coverage. Texture & manageability, however, are still immediately improved.

For shine & condition, nothing beats a sealant.  Hair — even some frizz! — is smoothed and moisturized. Tangles tamed. Revitalized proteins add lift and bounce.

Hair feels silky, healthy and addictively touchable.


What is…

                                Natural Glisten ?


Sometimes, just a touch is enough.

Natural Glisten gently lifts the shade of your hair to soften and brighten subtly, adding a sunlit shimmer to every strand.

Great for:

Blending highlights

Adding light & sheen without changing hair color

Minimizing re-growth between color treatments

Natural Glisten is a delicate effect,  like a kiss of sunshine from a weekend getaway — but in just five minutes of your time.


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