I have had my color and cut done by Daniel Iannelli a few times now. I must tell you that every great review about him is true. He somehow has added life to my color, and my complexion looks healthier and younger. (more…)

The CW Philly Wakeup News 

"I moved to Philadelphia (dry, overprocessed hair and all) in the fall of 2005. I work as the morning meteorologist for the CW Philly and occasionally on CBS3. On a whim, I called ------ (based on a tip from another television personality) and was randomly assigned to Daniel Iannelli. I have been with him ever since. Never before have I had such care put into every strand of my hair. (more…)

Founder of the Wine School 

"The only stylist that has ever made my hair look great."


"I am a mother of three under the age of 6 and have been neglecting my hair for years. On a whim I called Toppers and made a hair appointment, not knowing any of the stylists and not having any idea what I wanted to do with my hair. It was my very good fortune to have been introduced to Daniel Iannelli that day. (more…)


This review is for those of you looking for an exceptional stylist/colorist. I have been searching for years and I have found him! So look no more, his name is Daniel Iannelli! He is talented and exceptional, simply amazing! A true artist. (more…)


This was my first time at Pileggi. It was an all around fantastic experience. The girls at the front desk were very friendly. Daniel Iannelli cut my hair and he did a wonderful job! He actually sat down with me and took the time to discuss how I wanted my hair cut and listened to my concerns about problems I've had with my hair in the past. (more…)


Daniel Iannelli at Pileggi, is the master of cut & color. I have followed Daniel over the years because of his knowledge and commitment to his craft. He knows hair and will impart his knowledge to help you achieve your best. (more…)


My sister brought me here to see her stylist, Daniel, because I'm in need of a makeover. Being too busy with kids has made it hard to keep up with anything, so this is her Christmas gift to me. (more…)


I've been looking for a new hairstylist for nearly a year - since my favorite girl moved to Boston - anyway, I came to Pileggi on the Square for an appointment with Daniel Iannelli and was amazed. I finally found a great hair stylist. (more…)


It was the summer of '84 when I had my first hair experience with Daniel. The first thing he taught me was how important communication is to get a great cut...and great cuts I have had for 26 years! (more…)

I am a very laid back person with the same attitude when it comes to my hair. I don't want to have to spend a huge amount of time on it, yet I still want my hair to look great. I have been to about 3 different hair stylists within a year and left each one unhappy. (more…)


Years after my initial review, after many many style changes/enhancements, I need to say again that Daniel is a godsend for hair.

A wizard! A maestro! Why, he's.... the Hair Whisperer! (did I go too  far?) If you love your hair, do it a favor and take it to Daniel.

If you hate your hair, do yourself a favor and let Daniel show you how lovable it really is when you treat it right.